Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Named This Blog Post Something Funny

We're going to Suzhou today! WOOWOOO! We're on break right now because all of the students have to participate in some sort of track and field games. I don't really understand it, but we get to vacation. WOOWOO!

There will be lots of pretty gardens in Suzhou for Lark to decide that we need one day and I'm going to get to do some drawings and will try to hunt down a Starbucks. Larkin will continue being a baby.

Self Portrait of the Day:

That's my "I'm still not entertained, so you can put the sock puppet away now, please"-face.

Also, not sure how up to date on your nail polish brands you are, but there's a brand in the US that's called "O.B."
Evidently the Chinese wanted to do a sort of knockoff of it cause the other day I found this:

Ooh yeah. That' happened.



  1. B.O.? No. No, please.

    Have fun in Suzhou!

  2. The self portrait looks like you are bored big time!. Smells like the nail polish is on the nose!.

  3. If the polish stays on my nails without chipping and peeling, I don't care what it's called!

  4. baha love it. you're such an amazing artist! love the picture! hope you found a starbucks :)

    1. Hey thanks sister! We actually did find one that was just 2 block from where we were staying. It was beautiful!

  5. haha that's so funny!! and I like your "please put the sock puppet away face" you crack me up and I miss you tons!!

    1. I miss you too girly!! just learned to play "Clocks" by Coldplay on the g-tar the other day and thought of you. Skype Skype Skype!!!


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