Friday, September 28, 2012

We Made It!

Sorry it's been so long since an update, the computer and I have been fighting, but we're here you guys. We're in China!!!

Lark actually has just finished his third week of teaching classes at our University and we're on National Holiday now. Going to do a little bit of traveling and try and see a sand-sculpture competition on some island that's not too far away from us. *fingers crossed*

Not much time for a real post right now, but here's some pictures and a short video of Larkin, who's just started being introduced to different foods. We found out that he does not in fact like green beans. At all.

This is us on Hefang Street. A super fun street in downtown Hangzhou that looks like old kung fu movies where people fly from roof to roof without any effort. Loooove it!!

Lark on our new scooter. We're going to get some super british, round, white helmets to match.

And Little Larking being adorable. As always.

Also, I just uploaded a gazillion videos of him trying different foods to our youtube channel if y'all want to check them out. Click ME!

While I was going through them all when uploading I kept noticing how odd his toy choices are. When I really sit down and think about it, his favorite toys are toilet paper rolls, nail polish containers, and spoons. He REALLY loves spoons. He has a whole box of normal, brain stimulating, super colorful and cute baby toys that he takes real joy in ignoring. For spoons. Silly baby.

More soon!
Love you guys!
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