Monday, March 12, 2012

True Romance and Ping Pong

True Romance

I have the best husband. Not only is he fantastically sweet, superbly loving, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, he buys me the best gifts EVER! 

For Valentines day this year, he bought me a TAURUS PT99 pistol! The prettiest pistol of them all. I had been obsessing over it since I found this picture online:

I know, right?!!! It was based on the same Pt99 I have, but was incredibly more souped up for the modern day remake of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. I usually make a point of not watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies because of a personal boycott I have against helping his career along. (Story for another time- We used to go out with the same crew occasionally in New York. He's a real tool). I made an exception though after seeing this picture. In the movie the gun belongs to Romeo's best friend, Tibalt, and let me say that i'm in love..with the pistol, that is. 

Lark and my new project is to trick out my normal pt99:

and make it into a working replica of the movie's prop gun. We're going to strip it down to show some of the works, gold plate the bejeezes out of it, cut a hole in the cartridge to expose the bullets, and either cast a clear grip or leave the grip open, like it is in the picture. 

Can't wait. It's going to be PIIIIIIMP!

Thank you dearest husband!! Best Valentines present EVER!!!

Ping Pong

Baby, being a baby, has ruined a few things so far in his short life. He's had accidents over all sorts of tiny outfits. He's spewed all over a couch cushion. Somehow he has managed to get mess onto every one of Lark's sweaters (Lark swears it was on purpose).  I expected this. I didn't expect what happened a couple days of days ago though.

I have a panda teddy bear that was named "Ping Pong", oh-so-delicately, by his tag. I got the little guy before I could read however, so I oh-so-creatively named him "Pandy". Pandy and I had lots of adventures growing up. Him actually more so than me. I liked to write about his exploits and make them into mystery stories. Most of the time he was saving my dolly's from one thing or another. My favorite case was the "The Case of the Stolen Purse". Pandy eventually found out that my dolly's pink plastic purse was stolen by my dog. End of story.

Anyways, now that Baby can hold on to things I decided to pass on my Pandy to him. Baby was hugging Pandy and I was holding him in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to get him to look at himself.

"Look Baby! I have a face. You have a face. We all have faces!!!"

It was a tender moment. That is, until baby lost his grip.

I fished Pandy out by his tag. Baby didn't seem the least bit sorry. Pandy seemed very soggy.

I dropped him into the bathtub and washed my hands thoroughly. I'm not quite sure what to do with him yet. Probably should incinerate him, but I don't have the heart. We have too much of a past…What to do, what to do, what to do?

I'll figure it out.

Obligatory picture of baby:

Hope you are all having a great spring break!


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