Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peach of a Beach

We're in Seaside, Florida!

We spent 13 hours in a car with a 7 month old to get here and visit our family. That's how much we love our family (i.e. lots and lots and lots and lots).

If a place could taste like a peach, this would.  It is the Brad Pitt of vacation spots.  The King Kong of beaches.  And officially the most comfy place to take a mid afternoon nap (while the rain is pitter pattering on the roof of course!).

We have traveled far and we have traveled wide,
with our baby always at our side.
We have had so much fun we've had such a time,
baby was so ballin' it must be a crime.

(replace baby with 9mm and you would have a supremely lame rap)

Lots of stuff been happening. Lots of beach time. Lots of quality time. Lots of this:

and this:

and some of this:

*Larkin's approved crawling/pulling-up/not-denting-your-head-falling spot*

One major thing that stuck out to me about this trip is the Gospel Body Workout plan I found out about while I was here. You haven't heard of this? My goodness you have been suffering. This is the new workout craze where you can praise the Lord WHILE shedding that unwanted poundage. Which (as I know from experience.... of watching an infommercial on it for half an hour. Don't judge!) really does work. Oh and sidenote: it's endorsed by Jesus. 

Back to the point.  We love it here.
This is in no way set in stone, but as of right now we could absolutely see ourselves living here one day!

*AAAARRRRRn't ya wanting to be moving to Pirate country already, mates?*

Lark has been teaching me how to skim board, note to self: you are above six feet tall. Falling hurts!  And to that little kid who rocked, I hope that either a) you grow up and hate skim boarding, or b) your growth is stunted.  Because being tall and liking this sport just doesn't work. I'd show y'all a picture of my now bloodied knees, but I'm guessing no one actually wants to see the mess. But it's there. I was scared to go deeper than my thighs in the ocean for the rest of the trip in case I was a sort of shark magnet now with my bloody knees. Better safe than shark food, right?

Uncle Jim (Lark's uncle) owns a surf shop right by the beach (Check it out! Ono surf shop. It's the bomb.) and he lent us the skim board, and if there is any surf tomorrow, will lend us some surf boards to go surfing!

We got to hang with some family here which is always fun,

Aaaannnd Lark bought me World War Z. So much genius and zombies, all in one book. It has been woOOonderful (sung in operatic voice with hands doing the Wallace).

Cheese Gromit! Cheese!

Annnnyways, looking forward to talking to you guys later!

Other things that don't go well together....

Insert your head here.

Words fail me.

Toby Mcguire? Silly you! You're not spiderman!
(I guess he just got the memo)

Heheheh sorry couldn't help myself :)

Aaaand I don't care.

Love you all!
God Bless!



  1. Oh, he's the sweetest, sweetest, sweetest! I love little baby Larkin :) Beautiful scenery, too!

    And I also loved World War Z. I was telling my friend about it and I said it was about, you know, when the zombie apocolypse happened and then I was puzzled by her strange look. Which made me realize that the zombie apocolypse hadn't actually happened, and I had forgotten the book was only a novel ;) Anyway, it's very realistic!

    1. HAahaha! I know exactly what you mean! It's so freaking well researched that I have a hard time telling when he switches from stuff that has actually happened in the real world to what he predicts will happen in the inevitable apocalypse. My veeery limited history knowledge is all muddled with zombies now.

      Since I read that book and his other one I find myself telling Lark from time to time how much I wish that the zombie apocalypse would happen already. And then he reminds me that means that like 80 percent of the population would be dying and zombifying immediately. And then I apologize to the world in my brain.

      Is this just me?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. "That certainly explores the diversity of the word."
      Please write your incoherent rap/rants elsewhere. My brain now feels dirty.

  3. I really loved all the family photos you posted here. It’s so clear that there’s abundant love and laughter within your clan! :)

    1. Aw thank you! We did really luck out with our family members.

  4. The baby with the beard is hilarious

    that hammock looked so comfy...

    Maybe I'm just tired

    1. Naw man. It was really comfy. Supremely comfy. Really really hard to make yourself get out of comfy. We totally added a hammock to our Christmas list.


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