Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Lawnmower's Been Violated

So if y'all follow me on twitter (Which no one does. This is a non subtle hint), then you already know that late Tuesday night some crackheads from down the street stole our lawnmower.

Culprit #1

We were up to our usual late night routine in the kitchen, just watching a movie on my laptop and nomming on various foods we scrounged up. While we were doing so, two of our pleasant neighbors creeped into our carport, past our car, and to our lawn mower, which was right outside the storage shed that we forgot to put it into.

Coincidentally, that storage shed is right outside the window by where we were sitting and our house is completely NOT sound proof. As in, you can have a conversation in your normal inside-voice with someone outside without straining to hear.

 In other words, not only were these guys crackheads, on our property, and super spy silent at wiggling that lawnmower past our car and out of the carport but they could hear everything that was going on inside of our house as well. They could have figured out the plot of the movie if they stood there long enough. So creepy.

I'm super disappointed about the whole thing. I totally thought we had befriended the crackhead crew by waving every time we drove past to our house and giving some of them occasional rides to Whataburger etc.

They must have thought we were just signaling them. Like a "Hey! White people with lawn mowers live this direction on your street!"

We actually weren't angry at all about it getting stolen, it's just a lawn mower, but I feel like I can speak for both Lark and me when I say I feel pretty violated and creeped out by the experience.

We eventually did get it back, by the way. A neighbor two houses down saw the two men taking a midnight stroll on our street head into our carport and then out with a lawnmower and thought it was highly unlikely that they had stored their lawnmower there. She then called the cops and they came pulled over the only two guys taking a lawnmower for a walk in the middle of the night.

Culprit #2

We had a hard time deciding what to do, but ultimately we decided to press charges because that's what the police man suggested that we do.

I am a big believer in second chances but was unsure if they would actually learn something or we would just be enabling them if we just let them off the hook.

I walked off with my fair share of things that didn't belong to me growing up (makeup, clothes, ipods, wallets, etc...I was a bad kid). Now that that time's come and gone, I know that not getting punished didn't change things for me. I was always relieved if I happened to escaped punishment, but getting caught wasn't enough to keep me from repeating whatever I was doing that was bad. Then again, neither did getting caught and punished.

Maybe people are just going to do what they want to regardless.

Have y'all ever had to deal with something like this? What would y'all have done in our situation?

Love you all and hope you're week has been a good one.


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  1. Nice cartoons, I am exceedingly jealous of anyone who can draw.

    I too believe in second chances, but the police would have known by ID checks if they have done things like this before and would insist. It was a calculated move after all.

    1. That's true. And they both had, I think. I still ended up feeling guilty after pressing charges even though we were the ones who had been stolen from though. lol.

      I think there needs to be a thing where when you press charges you can choose whether they go to jail or say like a summer camp where they just work daily on developing a stricter moral code in between snack time and water balloon fights.

  2. Are you kidding? Do you know the street value of a good lawn mower?

    Actually, neither do I.

    Having had multiple bikes stolen, including one chained up in my back yard, and my boyfriend getting his yanked when he was at the store and I was at work (so no ride home), I pretty much don't have sympathy for people who take things that aren't theirs. I would have pressed charges.

    1. Actually, we bought our lawn mower for $495. I have no idea if that's a good/normal street value for a lawn mower, but I do know that if it had been worth 5 more dollars, they would have been charged for a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Craziness!
      I'm sorry about your bikes getting stolen. That super not fun. :/

  3. I would have had a tough time pressing charges, as well, but ultimately I think you did the right thing. Just because you feel for someone and their desperate circumstances, doesn't mean allowing them to get away with something is good for them. And, even if it doesn't have any beneficial impact on them in the long run, their getting arrested is beneficial to you and your neighbors belongings!

    1. Truth! That wording really helped me put it in to perspective. Thank you!

  4. haha! Sooo cute! I love your cartoons! You're very talented... :))

    Also, my favorites cartoon was the one about "Idiot Colony this Way"! hahaha!

  5. Interesting. I wouldn't have guessed crackheads were all that into lawn care. Though I guess they were probably going to see it for drugs, that would make more sense...

    I am lucky, and the biggest item I have had stolen from me was a sports bra (it was an expensive sports bra!). I prob wouldn't be angry either, just creeped out, and I think I would also press charges. You gotta put your foot down! You can't let those crackheads think they can just steal anything from you and get away with it!

    1. Omigosh! The crackheads are stealing sportswear now?! This is getting out of hand! Press charges yo!


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