Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey Look! We be famous!

...but not really.

*click to make it bigger*

I'd be glad to autograph something anyways for anyone out there though. Just mail me something to sign, along with a stamped return envelope, and 20 bucks for my time, and I'll try to make the time.

I feel like most American's have been on TV, in the newspaper, or something of the sort at least once. In the neighborhood that we live in,  you're most likely to be on COPS. What's your fake "claim to fame"?

Side Note:


*You see this Interweb?! It's super wide!*

I found this in our local United SuperMarket. I was so excited I started doing a little mutant-banana-happy-dance on the spot.

*You see this Interweb?! It has TWO ends!!!*

In a giant bin that used to be full of bananas, this was one of two bananas left. HOW?! I can't imagine how many people must have seen the mutant banana and decided NOT to buy it! What is happening to the world?

As you can see, it was looking a little old when I got it, but I decided that just in case eating mutant bananas is anything like being exposed to radiation or getting dropped in a vat of toxic waste and creates super powers, I took a bite. It wasn't half bad. Just a little bit extra squooshy.

Still waiting on the super powers.

*It's almost two bananas, people!!! TWO BANANAS!!!*

I'll let you know.

Love you all,


  1. That banana freaking ROCKS. I would have named it Chang'n'Ang.

    My claim to fame? I once got up at a poetry reading at a local college and read a poem i had just written called, "Canned Ravioli". I was dramatic and sarcastic, and got a standing ovation. This was about 12 YEARS ago. The other day, I was in a coffee shop, I heard someone talking about it in reference to a poetry reading happening that night.

    Stuff of legends. Not that anyone knows who I am or anything, but still.

    1. That's a very good name. Chang'n'Ang it is.

      12 YEARS later?! Dang... Did you get it on video or anything? That must've been one kick-butt poem.

  2. Wandered over to say thank you for signing up to follow Bizarre Scribble and i'll be signing up to follow your blog to :-).

  3. Hahah I think that picture sums up y'alls relationship perfectly right now! Larkin eating everything in front of him, Lark making ridiculous faces and enjoying everything around him, and you just laughing laughing :) Lark's face is seriously hilarious.

    1. Right?!! His head might baarely be 1/2 a centimeter tall and is blurry and you can still tell that he's making some ultimately creepy face. My husband is talented.


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