Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Don't think of our car as messy..."

"Think of it as a treasure trove. The further you dig, the more you're pleasantly surprised."

Thanks Lark.

*Can you find the baby? 15 points if you do!*

*My new perspective*

Incidentally, that collection of "treasure" in our car was built from the bottom up. You're just seeing the top soil layer right now.There's an abundance of treasure that you can't even see!!!

We've been doing so much traveling lately (tripping to our family, China trip orientation, Lark's high school reunion, etc.) that we've been pretty much living out of cars. I say cars because ours is not reliable enough right now for some of our uber trips, so we've been swapping our treasure into rentals off and on (a blog post on our unreliable car coming soon).

*We carry our treasure in a pirate car. 
What, you don't have one? Hmm. *

It's pretty sad looking. Not only because walking by and looking in you'd assume that at the end of the day we just lean back our seats and retire for the night, in-vehicle, but a good amount of our luggage is trashbags currently because, dang it, they're just easy, and we're just like that.

They're the nice big black trashbags with ties though, none of those recycled Walmart bags filling up our car. Us vagabonds gotta stay classy.

Lovers you all,


  1. Love the post omg im totally with u!

  2. Funny! and you are a great comic writer. I have an idea for kickstarters for you guys -- xo Eddee


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