Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello there Padre!!! Good morning! Here's a little bit of silliness. Just my attempt to brighten up your day a little bit.

You're the best.

Peoples of the interweb out there: If you know my daddy, if you could leave a comment saying just one of the many somethings that's awesome about him or just a little note of encouragement if you don't know him, that would be bomb. Love makes the world go round and I thought it'd be nice to collect a little of it to spin my Dad's head around a couple times (in a non possessed way). Thank you!!

I LUV YOU DADDY! You're going to kick cancer's butt!

It's related. Right? A little bit?



  1. What an awesome blog post :) :) :)


  2. I don't know your Dad, but I think you're really awesome, so he must be, too! Sending support your way!

  3. I LOVE YOU DAD! You are an amazing man, and I'm so proud of you for how you're handling all of this and still finding the blessings in everything. God is bigger than cancer and we have faith that he's taking care of you! We can't wait to see you next weekend!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!


    You should celebrate the first day today with a lot of Chuy's and Skittles. Wish I could be there with you and Mom.

  4. I can't think of a better way of proving you are an amazing person than pointing to your 2 daughters - living testimonies of the Godly, loving man you are. Praying for you, Carol

  5. My goodness! This is awesome! Per usual Izzy you are incredible.

    Steve, I hope the radiation goes well, and is successful and that it targets only the cancer cells.

    I hope this video and post has made you feel better!



  6. Love you Steve! Hope all is well. We are praying for you and your upcoming treatments.


  7. Steve, we really enjoyed spending time with you and Donna and the gang tonight at Chuy's. Praying for success in the radiation therapy and for a full and healthy recovery!!

    Great video, Lauren!

    David and Pam

  8. This is great! Hope everything goes well for you...

  9. Hello! I found your blog via Crack You Whip, and just wanted to wish all the best for your dad! Love your blog!


  10. What a wonderful blog post and awesome video you made! I love the humor and warmth and love that came through--and I'm quite sure your dad loved it!

    I may not know your dad but, even so, I'm sending your him tons of good, happy, healing thoughts and very best wishes for a full and rapid recovery. :)


  11. Thank you to everyone for your sweet sweet comments. A cyber high-five and a fist-bump (you deserve both) to you all.


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