Friday, April 20, 2012

That One Really Big Country To The East



I've always wanted to go to China.

Growing up, the majority of my friends in elementary and middle school were Chinese. Because of this I must say, I became fascinated with their culture pretty early on in life. Actually, to be more accurate, I became a culture mooch.

My poor friends. After all that all I can say in Chinese to this day is, "I put pepper on your pancakes," and, "Hi! My name is Lauren Mason and I like cats and dogs."

Not for long though!!!

Lark and I are moving to China for a year in September!!!

Well, most likely we're going. If all of the paperwork details, shot getting, and passport/visa setting up goes as planned.

We got accepted to a program called China Calls and have requesting that we be set up with a school in Hangzhou. They told us that this shouldn't be much of a problem since they have ties with over 24 schools in Hangzhou. Sooooo inevitably we should be able to find at least one that would work for us. 

Things are still in the works, but it's looking like Lark is going to get to teach a university class English and I (fingers crossed) might get to do some modeling over there! Everything seems beyond ideal. God is great.

We are waaaaaay beyond excited. This has been a dream of both of ours since...forever.

Actually, the second time I ever talked to Lark was about China. We were both in the Library and I used my super-sight to spot him from across the room.

I promptly sent him a text alerting him to the fact.

Lark skipped across the room and joined me at my table. 

What if it had been my diary Lark? What. If. It. Had. Been. My. Diary?


I had been pasting a card about applying to teach English in China into my scrapbook-style notebook and that sparked a China themed conversation between us.

"You want to go to China?" said Lark

"Yeah! I've always wanted to go to China" I said.

"I'VE always wanted to go to China!" Lark said.

THAT riveting dialogue was obviously the emotionally charged moment that changed the way our relationship path was pointing towards marriage. 

Till this day I still wonder what would have happened had my notebook been shut….Just kidding.

Anyways, we've been scrambling to get ready for this new adventure. Getting documents, working our way through readings, trying to figure out local customs and just generally what it's going to be like living there. 

We've been told by multiple people that we're going to stand out with us being foreigners and me being 6 foot 1. I figured as much but evidently it's going to be more than the few stares I expected.

My sister, Kara, taught English in China for some months and while she was there,  the Olympics were held in China. She was actually able to stand by, with the crowd, when the Olympic torch was being run through the city. As it was passing, she says that all of the people near her were staring at HER and taking pictures of HER instead of the torch. She got it on video. 

Pretty crazy.

We've been warned that little Larkin, being a baby, and white with blue eyes, is going to have an admiring following wherever he goes. 

We're going to try our best to keep up with the little celebrity.

On a side-note, this Easter Lark, Larkin, and I went to the Abilene Country Club for lunch and this happened:

The Easter Bunny evidently frequents the country club, which is totally 
alright with me. He came up and asked to hold Larkin. Pretty cute. However when I asked for him back, the rabbit turned his back to me and continued hugging my kid. His human escort had to chide him and make him give Larkin back and move on.

I'm not surprised there are sights like this now. Check it out. Bunnies are frightening. Who knew?

Larkin knew. Just take a gander at that face. Poor little man.

Also Erica over at Touch of Embellishment . Her most recent post actually has an awesome story about the little creepers. Click on that link.

Love you guys!
More updates coming soon!


  1. Awesome news! I couldn't get the pictures to show up, so I'm going to stop by later and see if I can see them then.

    1. Aaaah! The attachy thingy didn't attach. Thanks for letting me know! Pictures=fixed

  2. I LOVE reading your blog! Aunt Carol

  3. I have a friend who taught English in China for a while, and he absolutely loved it!

    My husband went on a concert tour to China a few years ago, and since he is a giant at 6'6", he got a bunch of stares. Families would routinely stop him and make him stand for a picture with them. He was such a novelty!

    I'm sure you're going to have a great time!

    1. Wow!!! 6 foot 6! That must have been so much fun for him! Not going to lie, if I saw your husband in the states I miiiight try to get a picture with him too just to remind myself I'm not the tallest human alive... It's so easy to forget. lol.

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I hope that I have as good an experience as your friend and husband!

  4. That sounds exciting! I did a month-long study abroad in China my junior year of college, but that's barely enough time to get used to constant fried food. You guys will have a blast!

    Also-- I dig the cartoons!

    1. thank you! i've been trying to train myself for china's fried foods by just eating my weight in french fries every couple of days. i think ill be ready in time.


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