Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Post Number One

The Initial, Required, Awkward Blog Post of Introduction:

Helloooo from us, Lark and Lauren. Or *Tootie and Izzy*, if you prefer. We are a jolly ol' family of two.

(Izzy on the left. Lark on the right)

Soon to be 3. 

(Little Lark Mason IV)

Or 4 if you include fuzzy puppies. 

(Elmo the Extraordinaire!)

5 if overweight dwarf hamsters make your list for some reason.

(Houdini, the obese escape artist)

We live in Abilene, Texas, home to really good barbecue, severe drought, a plethora of old conservatives, and a handful of colleges. We also have a Walmart, which is actually Something in this area of little small towns in Texas. On the weekends, people from even smaller surrounding towns make a day of dressing up and driving in to Abilene to go to Walmart. It's pretty cute. This particular Walmart has also been featured more than once on People Of Walmart. That's always a little less cute.

Lark is a man of ever changing facial hair and an enormous amount of energy that he throws into doing anything and everything under the sun.  He knits, speaks chinese, practices yoga and knife throwing, cooks chef-humbling meals, runs a lawn care business, plays guitar, teaches gymnastics, makes jewelry, and pretty much anything else you can think of! He is just about to finish up his schooling at ACU with an English major and an Art minor. He writes pretty things and wishes to do so as a job some day.

I was, until just recently, a student at ACU as well, but am currently taking a scholastic siesta to finish incubating and take care of little Lark Ernest Mason IV. The little bugger is due to arrive on November 27th and we are just busting buttons with excitement!

We are also both really excited about starting up this blog! We're hoping it'll be a good way to keep in touch and up to date with the friends and family that we don't see every day. Thinking it could be a big blessing. :)

Until next time!
Peace and Blessings!

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