Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dallas. Shiny Dallas.

We're in Dallas now. I didn't realize how much I missed the city till we came here and were surrounded by all this blessed beautiful concrete and shining glass. The dirt and shrubs of the New Braunfel's countryside just doesn't compare sometimes.

I grew up in the suburbs of Austin. Not nearly as picturesque a skyline as say, New York or Hangzhou, China, to name a few of our recent haunts, but I still feel most at home where there's a comfortable silence and the plant life is in a calculated spot; Where your feet burn in a pleasant way from playing on hot concrete without shoes and the streets at night are lit by gently humming street lamps, making pools of yellow light.

New York was like that at night. Calm and quiet. At least on the Upper East side where I lived. I used to take walks to get that serene feeling back. I'd walk up and down the streets and through the trails of Central Park at 2 am, smoking a cigarette and listening to pop rock on my phone, counting on being mistaken for a tall man to keep me safe... I used to be an idiot. A very lucky, manly looking, idiot.

So you can imagine why I was excited to get to visit Dallas with Lark and small kiddos. YAAY (relatively) large city!

The first two days were great. We got some shopping in, relaxed in our room that magically cleaned itself each day, drove on freeways, saw our reflexions in glass covered buildings, and hit up the Perot Museum. Larkin climbed some frogs:

and feigned mild interest in the dinosaur exhibit till he figured out they weren't going to fight.
"Dinosaurs RAAWWR!! Dinosaurs fight! Dinosaurs fight!"
"No Larkin, they're stuck that way. They can't fight."
*Larkin runs away from me and said dinosaurs and around a corner.*

*This blurry mess is the best picture I could get before Mr. ADD ran off to the next thing*

Fun times.

The next day was the worst though. Lark and I had maybe eaten a bad burger the night before, or maybe had Malaria that decided to go away in 24 hours. Either way, we were knocked out. I lay like a lump in bed, trying to become one with the comforter when I wasn't running to the bathroom or jumping up to stop a small person from hurting itself. Poor Lark still had to go to school though and ran laps to the bathroom and back from class where they were practicing their auctioneering monologues (I have 10, now 20, can you give me 20? I have 20, can you give me 30? I've got 30)  

*I think their final is to sing this song.*

Being sick is the worst. Being sick and having to still do stuff is even worser though. It might be the worst worst of all the worsts. 

So other than spending a day turning our guts inside out and contemplating setting fire to the burger joint, it was a pretty jolly day. Definitely one for the books. Books that we would burn. Along with the burger joint.

Everything turned out well though. We woke up bright and shiny today. Dallas was still here, although a little less sparkly and both of us can stand straight and eat food! And coffee. That's the important one. I even have plans to venture out to the zoo after small people's nap time. 

Adventures. Adventures.

I hope we get to see a platypus.



  1. I was raised in Texas until I was 12. I miss it a lot. There is nothing else quite like it. I'm supposed to visit this year and I'll be going to the Ft Worth Zoo if I can. Hopefully also the stalkyards. My mom worked at the zoo and I've always been obsessed with the museum in the stalkyards.

    Fun fact: My phone originally corrected "museum" to "nudism". I am not obsessed with nudism and to my knowledge, there isn't any nudism in the stalkyards.

  2. Haha! I'm not sure if I've ever been to the stalkyards. I'll have to go check it out. Maybe it'll be a good family trip while we're in the area for auctioneer school. Especially since there's no nudity. :)

    1. If you do, look up times to watch them heard the cattle. Also be sure to go into the old courthouse- that's where the museum is. And there are some really nice restaurants. I don't remember the name of the one I used to love but I think it's either next to or across from the old hotel. :)

  3. Stalkyards is that the same as stockyards? I'm not a city girl myself, I much prefer the country or at least to be away from the city centres.

    1. Yes ma'am. For some reason, I am incapable at remembering how to spell stockyards correctly.

    2. Bahaha! Too funny! That makes more sense now. I was trying to figure out what a stalk yard was. lol. Can't wait to go see them! Little man's going to have a great time screaming at cows and making a nuisance out of himself. It'll be great fun. :)

  4. Thanks for commenting! Will be back to read more. My only time in Dallas was getting stuck at the airport. Delta broke two airplanes and it took 16 hours to get from Calgary to Orlando, most of it in Dallas.

    1. EEk! That sounds like the worst. I've never gotten stuck in an airport before (don't know how I've managed to avoid that one) but it sounds beyond awful.


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