Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stupid Mu Mu

Sooo we didn't get to go to the island with the awesome sand sculpture competition. So Sad. Totally swiped some pictures from my new bff slash person whos Kindle I've stolen for all eternity, Tammy, and there would have been a lot of this:

And this:

And This:

Yeah. That's Spiderman AAaaaand a Sand Shark Trashcan. I'm angsting out right now.

There were a lot of other peoples going and long story short, I didn't want to (and didn't think anyone else would want us to) be sharing a room since we have this 10 month old who wakes up three (or 4..or 5..or maybe 6) times a night when we're traveling. So we are spending our national holiday in Hangzhou.

It's probably for the best actually. Lark went out and bought himself a new best friend and was insisting that we bring it with us on holiday.

Izzy: "Lark. That's a nice bush.."

Lark: "Bonsai. It's called a Bonsai. And it happens to be a tree. And his name is Mu Mu."

Izzy: "That's nice. You can't bring it to the island with us."

Lark: "But I need to water it everyday!"

Izzy: "Can't you just stick an upside down water bottle in it or something? I think I saw that on an infommercial once.."

Lark: "Infommercials can't be trusted and who will spritz down the leaves to keep them moist?"

Izzy: "Really? No."

Lark: "But I want to be it's frieeend!"

Izzy: "......"

Apparently my husband needs more social contact. China seems to be having a Wilson/Cast Away-esque effect on him.

Also, this:

Just in case you didn't get that:

The baby looks happy enough, but for some reason I feel like this product skipped a couple rounds of consumer testing. 

So, for you two people out there still reading my blog, what do you think the packaging says? (No fair if you actually read Chinese. Reading Chinese is cheating. Always. Remember that.)

For Example:
"BoBo. For the babies that prefer choking to drowning. "

But one that's actually funny. Ready, set, GO!



  1. Bonza sand sculptures especially the sand shark trash can. BoBo would definitely be banned down here in OZ.

    1. Right?!! I feel like it should be banned everywhere. However, here in China, WALMART thinks that it's a good idea. Eek.

  2. Those sand sculptures never fail to amaze me. Meanwhile, last time I went to the beach, I couldn't even turn a bucket of sand upside down and form a 'pillar' without it missing a chunk of corner or just falling over.

    Also, my wife knows Chinese, so I believe it says, "Bobo super happy fun time rocket ship for make not drowning happy happy bouncy!"

    1. Whaat?! That's crazy. Where did the rocket ship come from? Was there some secret hidden rocket ship feature that we were missing? Did this toy not only choke kids and probably not prevent them from drowning, but shoot rockets as well?!!! BEST TOY EVEEERR!!!!

  3. hahah love the picture of the poor child :) he's so fat though he might not be able to feel it...and I can totally picture Lark saying all of that for the Bonsai. Even if it was made up haha. Let's Skype SOOOOOn please.

    1. I think you're right. Maybe they should write a little side safety note saying to only use if you have a protective fat layer of a certain thickness around your neck.

  4. hahaah loved the translation from the guy above. oh good grief China :)

  5. Awesome! I love the plant! currently I am housing all my plants inside with a fake sun lamp on them bc its cold here. I e-mailed your mom back izzy!! hopefully we can talk soon!!-meredith

    1. Meredith! I miss your face! Wish I was in the states so I could hang with you and all your plants.... If your plants are hanging plants than that would be a pretty good pun and you should be impressed. :)

    2. this sounds like a Lark reply... Is It?

  6. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)


    1. Hey thanks! I'll be sure to stop by. :)


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