Saturday, December 31, 2011


Little Lark Mason IV has decided to take his time. He was originally due on November 27th, but since that date has come and gone and I haven't progressed any (disappointing), we have been scheduled to be induced this upcoming Monday evening. So little Lark is probably going to arrive sometime Tuesday evening. 

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Not just because I'm excited to finally hold the little guy but because I have steadily gotten more and more round. Being a week overdue now, it's a little bit ridiculous. 

I think it was about two months ago that I realized that I'm wider when I turn sideways than when I'm facing forwards. Of course, 22 years of practice still tells me that I should turn sideways when trying to sqeeeeeeze in-between people, or chairs, or what-have-you, so there have been many a occasion where I try to sneakily squeeze by someone having a conversation or someone peacefully trying to enjoy their soup and I end up bashing them into their friend or their hand into their bowl with my ginormous belly.

"Oops! Pardon Me! I am completely unaware of where my body starts and ends since it has been steadily spreading out into space at a plague-like speed for 9 months. Hope you can bleach that out…ha..ha….."

I'm trying to stay optimistic though. I've never gotten more use out of my periscope.

Take THAT impaired vision!

Also, I finally have a solution for the crazy fatigue that's been plaguing me all this pregnancy.

Viola!! Naps on the go! 

Aaand if I ever get zapped "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" style and then somehow got inside of a video game console, 
I could be the best Super Mario EVER! 

Mario ain't got nothin' on my squashing skills. 

I only pray that Little Lark is good and does as he's supposed to and comes on Tuesday, because if not and he grows any more, the world will be in trouble.

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